Advancity ® certification : strategic authorities certification committee

Derived from the Board of Trustees, the Certification Committee is responsible for certifying scientific and technological projects. The cluster has formalised project and certification processes for Research and Development projects.

General principles for certifying R&D projects

The general principles for certifying R&D projects (from research to demonstrations, also covering structuring platforms and projects, as well as initial or continuing academic or professional training projects) are as follows:

  • An incubation with cluster services of sufficient duration in accordance with the importance of the projects,
  • Projects formatted according to the specifications of the financing organisations and not formulated in general terms,
  • Contributes to at least one of the aspects of the strategic committees’ technological roadmaps,
  • Sufficient involvement from the cluster’s ecosystem in terms of the number, quality and financial significance of the cluster’s members,
  • Completeness of the impacted value chain and operating plan/valuation of results that rely on the cluster,
  • Significant presence of SMEs.

The quantitative targets derived from these criteria are specified in the annual action plans. For all projects and demonstrations, there is no requirement for any prototypes or research-action schemes to be carried out in the Ile-de-France region.

However, the participation of Ile-de-France communities is a positive factor in assessing the quality of the application and its relevance to the strategy. The involvement of cluster members is determined on the basis of their location in Ile-de-France, except for noteworthy national actors, such as intermediate-sized businesses, major conglomerates and research centres which have, for often historical or territorial development reasons, establishments distributed throughout the country.


The added value of the ADVANCITY® label, the only competitiveness cluster for the sustainable city for projects co-sponsored by other clusters on a purely technological background, is therefore significant; it has a clear vision of social usefulness and environmental impact. The knowledge, products and services created thus have a confirmed ability to enrich the offer of the sustainable city “à la Française”, to roll out its demonstrations and sell for export.

Certification from the cluster, if it is granted, is worth one in the cluster’s indicators, whether it has been given in co-certification with other clusters or not.

For more details, see our Certification page.


The Scientific Council evaluates scientific and technological projects and judges their pre-competitive character. It is responsible for issuing opinions and recommendations and gathers a network of experts structured in 4 certification commissions: Eco-technologies, Eco-construction, Eco-mobility and Eco-city.e.

Depending on the project theme, the chairman of the scientific council and the head of the relevant certification commission select the experts who evaluate the projects.