Industrial protection, fundraising, economic intelligence

During the first half of 2017 ADVANCITY is setting up a cycle of awareness raising on industrial protection,fund raising and economic intelligence, drawing on the expertise of its referenced service providers.

This cycle is aimed at start-ups and small and medium- sized businesses that are members of ADVANCITY and, under certain conditions, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses in Paris.

The goal is to address these issues in depth in order to reduce the companies’ weaknesses in a competitive context, particularly in relation to globalisation of trade and the acceleration of technological developments.

Different modules will be offered in half-days, consisting of modular workshops and personalised support. This individual support will be adapted to the needs of each company.

The program will be based on the responses received and communicated at a later time. Please note, however, that these modules will address the following issues: preparing for fundraising, raising funds, intellectual property in consortium agreements, co-contracting or subcontracting agreements within the framework of public procurement.


Members: free modules (including personalized support) for ADVANCITY start-ups and SME members for at least one year and paid-up on their subscription.

Registration may be possible under certain conditions and according to the space available for companies in the eco-activities sector that are not members of ADVANCITY.

Please indicate your interest in participating in one of these courses via this link
Please indicate your interest in participating in one of these courses via this link


Space is limited to 10 participants per module!

Do you want more information?

Contact Amélie ACHARD, European and international affairs officer at 01 45 92 60 87 or by e-mail at