Advancity, The Smart Metropolis Hub


ADVANCITY, the only cluster dedicated to sustainable cities in France and one of the few in Europe, is dedicated to helping companies, higher education and research institutions and local authorities cooperate and set up collaborative, innovative projects with a view to developing marketable products or services in the medium term, generating economic activity and creating jobs:

  • help setting up projects
  • introductions to public or private financiers
  • introductions to networks (businesses, academic institutions and local authorities)

logo-certifIn ten years, ADVANCITY has certified more than 450 projects, of which 172 were financed for a total investment of €460 million in research and innovation (certified ans financed projects) ADVANCITY is the only cluster in France to have obtained the AFNOR Quali’OP service certification.

Our events and calls for projects are published on the website (agenda and calls for projects sections) when they are open to non-members. In other cases, they are notified via email.

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In France, cities account for 90% of GDP, 80% of the population, 75% of the end energy and 2/3 of the greenhouse gases. Restoring an urban metabolism that is more resource-efficient, more environmentally friendly but still active, attractive and open is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To meet the challenges of the city of the future, ADVANCITY promotes the development of innovative projects and positions itself at the heart of the 3rd industrial revolution and its three fundamental challenges:

  • Decarbonation”, i.e. the systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to growth and operations;
  • Digitisation” related to the growing use of digital technologies;
  •  “Decentralisation” and taking citizens into account when adapting to men, women and children’s basic needs: increasing the housing supply is, for example, to be reconciled with an increasing demand for a better life in the city.



ADVANCITY’S primary purpose is to stimulate innovation in sustainable urban areas, to feed into the industrial fabric of the Paris region with new skills and innovative projects.
ADVANCITY’s strength lies in its ability to maintain active synergies between actors so that collaborative projects succeed and result in concrete business opportunities.

Each week, innovative SMEs join the ranks alongside the founding members. For these champions of innovation, ADVANCITY, The Smart Metropolis Hub, speeds up projects and growth. It offers constant opportunities to acquire competitive advantages that ensure their sustainability and enhance their attractiveness.

Some highlights of the ADVANCITY cluster

During the two evaluations of the clusters in 2012 and 2016, several strengths were identified:

  • The implementation of a certification process from the idea to the product (3 labels), considered a good practice to set up in the clusters whose members have local authorities (energy, construction, public transport, etc.) as customers

  • AFNOR Quali’OP service certification, guaranteeing quality of service to members and transparency for financiers, as well as ISO certification that is part of the certification process
  • Participation in the World Bank’s Global Metropolitan Lab on Strategic Planning (Metro Lab), a global laboratory for strategic metropolitan planning, for whom ADVANCITY organised their annual event in 2015, the Grand Paris Global Lab, which targeted the issue of urban planning in the context of climate change, among others
  • The inter-cluster cooperation to leverage the complementarity between technological and sectoral clusters. ADVANCITY is not limited to the clusters in its region and has very good relations with several groups of regional companies and clusters, including outside the Paris region (Novabuild, Indura) or even abroad (Moroccan Cluster for Energy Efficiency of Building Materials, SmartCityTech)
  • An active project factory with emblematic achievements in structuring projects
  • Very good participation in international trade fairs, whether participating in trade fairs abroad or internationally oriented trade shows in France

  • The cross-functionality of the approach – progress in particular on including human and social sciences – in a sector dominated by large technology-oriented groups
  • Current developments to foster innovation in public procurement and setting up pilots and demonstrations in collaboration with developers are considered promising

  • The increasing involvement of SMEs in the cluster


In the Paris region, ADVANCITY relies on a unique ecosystem to develop a very innovative offer for the city of the future: research potential (3,000 researchers, 2 Labex), world leaders in urban products and services (Bouygues, Eiffage, EDF, ENGIE, GFI informatique, RATP, Saint-Gobain, Soletanche Freyssinet, Thales, Vinci, etc.), small companies and very innovative start-ups.

Moreover, the territories of the new Grand Paris offer numerous opportunities to experiment and can be one of the assets of French know-how to showcase on the international scene.


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