Advancity, an ecosystem for sustainable urban innovation

ADVANCITY, The Smart Metropolis Hub, the only cluster dedicated to sustainable cities and mobility, brings together more than 260 members (SMEs, Intermediate-sized businesses, leading global groups, higher education and research institutions, local authorities and investors) that explore the fields of urban innovation within 4 strategic committees that serve as think-tanks for projects to emerge.



The committees’ vision of the city reflects ADVANCITY’s position at the heart of the 3rd industrial revolution and its three fundamental challenges:

  • « Decarbonation », i.e. the systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to growth and operations;
  • « Digitisation »  related to the growing use of digital technologies;
  • « Decentralisation » to adapt to men, women and children’s basic needs: increasing the housing supply is, for example, to be reconciled with an increasing demand for a better life in the city.

This assumes a city that is:

  • competitive, that is to say capable of producing goods or services in conditions at least equivalent to those of other cities or regions,
  • creative, since they have recognised training, teaching, research and cultural abilities,
  • user friendly, that is to say, offering public spaces conducive to mobility and exchanges and communication between people,
  • consensual, that is to say having created the conditions for an adapted governance, and knowing to take into account the demands expressed by the inhabitants as to its organisation, its functioning, its “co-construction”.

This vision draws a model of a European city; this city of the above criteria is ADVANCITY’s reference, which the Strategic Committees work towards and whose actions are broken down into 17 markets:

ADVANCITY is the only cluster devoted to the sustainable city in France and one of the few in Europe. Its aim is to help develop a network of exchanges of good practices and skills between sustainable city clusters and also with innovative and experimental French cities.

ADVANCITY has placed international development at the heart of its 2013-2018 strategy, with the challenge of supporting its members in their development and building technological partnerships. To ensure better export projection, the cluster capitalises on the advancity® brand to promote its members’ international know-how: world leaders in agile and innovative urban technologies and services, SMEs and Intermediate-sized businesses.